Dinner in a Flash

About 10 years ago, the fad in the culinary world was recipes with only three ingredients. In addition to cookbooks with three-ingredient recipes, recipe writers and chefs stretched their imaginations to create a bare-bones kind of cooking. The fact that some of these streamlined recipes took hours to cook didn’t seem to matter. Eventually, professional recipe writers realized that what […]

Week of February 18, 2013

• On Feb. 21, 1828, the first printing press designed to use the newly invented Cherokee alphabet arrives at New Echota, Ga. A young Cherokee, Sequoyah, had invented the written language, consisting of 86 characters. Within months, the first Indian language newspaper in history was printed. It was called the Cherokee Phoenix.   • On Feb. 24, 1836, in San […]

2013 – 07

• It was former heavyweight champion and social activist Muhammad Ali who made the following observation: “A nation is only as good as its women.” • During World War I, fully one-third of all men in England between the ages of 17 and 35 were killed. • The 20th century saw some profound changes in society, and here is one […]