The Innocence of a Boy

(an Indian tale) Once upon a time there lived a widow who supported herself and her son by grinding corn. Every day she baked the leftovers of the corn into a loaf of bread that tasted coarse and hard and was full of dry hulls. But her little boy loved his daily bread. He had never tasted anything else, and […]

Tooele City’s new impact fees would outpace comparable communities

On Wednesday, the Tooele City Council will consider adopting new culinary water, public safety and parks and recreation impact fees that will raise the cost of building a new home in Tooele by $1,300. That raises other questions: Are Tooele’s impact fees higher than comparably sized municipalities elsewhere in the state? And will the increase in fees discourage residential development […]

Organizers predicting big turnout at caucus meetings

The process of selecting candidates for the fall election begins next week with neighborhood caucus meetings for both Democrats and Republicans, and party organizers are predicting a surge in turnout at the grassroots gatherings this year. Several local residents said the national economy and federal spending will get them out of their homes and into caucus meetings for the first […]

Beating the Odds

On Dec. 2, 2011, after battling what he thought was a common cold for three days, Tooele resident Terry Higgins told his wife he needed to go to the emergency room. He was having a hard time breathing, talking and walking. His wife, Vicki, took him to Mountain West Medical Center, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia. Terry, 54, was […]

Traffic still taking off at Wendover Airport

Utah’s second-busiest airport is in Tooele County, and the traffic passing through it has boomed in recent years. The Wendover Airport is now receiving roughly 1,400 travelers per week — up from virtually zero only seven years ago. Jim Petersen, director of the airport, said the number of travelers going through the airport prior to casino flights was marginal — […]

Mule deer bill aims to protect herds by promoting coyote hunting

The state of Utah will spend an additional $750,000 hunting down coyotes and other predators in an effort to restore the state’s mule deer herds and protect ranchers from losses if a bill authored by Sen. Ralph Okerlund, R-Monroe, passes in the waning days of the 2012 legislature. Okerlund’s SB 245, Mule Deer Protection Act, was publicly introduced on Feb. […]

Passenger killed in SR-138 collision

A California woman was killed early Sunday morning in a head-on collision between Grantsville and Erda. Rocio Macias, a 26-year-old Azusa, Calif., resident, was killed after a crash on SR-138 near Erda Way. The car in which she was a passenger, a Toyota Camry, was traveling westbound on the highway shortly before 6 a.m. Another vehicle, a Hyundai, was traveling […]

Grantsville man takes in ‘lost boys’ from polygamist community

A Grantsville family is hoping to help some “lost boys” find their way. Shawn Bennett and his wife, Naomi, are currently caring for two young men who have left Colorado City, Ariz., which houses a handful of polygamist sects. “It’s just totally different for these kids, so there’s an adjustment that takes place,” Bennett said. “They have nobody to go […]

Easy fixes could improve poor government websites

Last year, in an editorial titled “Public websites all need rapid improvement” (Feb. 15, 2011) we pointed out that the websites of Grantsville City, Tooele City and Tooele County were all rated as subpar compared to government entities of comparable size in Utah by the national transparency organization Sunshine Review. We called for speedy, specific improvements to those sites so […]

Lengthening abortion wait makes sense for women

As our state legislators consider a bill that would increase the waiting period for abortion from 24 to 72 hours, I’ve had to look deep within to see why the bill resonates with me. I’ve never had, nor have I considered getting, an abortion. Still, I can relate to not feeling prepared to carry a child to term. I’m admittedly […]